For Terms and Conditions

Scope of service

  • Time for Sourcing: Resumes will be sent within a maximum period of three days from the day the Job Description is received.
  • Communication the job Profile to the candidate.
  • Co-coordinating with both the candidate and concerned representative of the company for scheduling the interviews.
  • Expectation setting of the candidates.
  • The Reference checks will be done.

Professional Fee

Professional Fee for the placement will be charged 8.33% from the Annual CTC.

Computation of CTC

The cost to company would be equivalent to the total annual emoluments excluding any service / performance based incentives or any joining bonus.

Correspondence with Candidates

All correspondence with the candidates including interview scheduling and intimation of the selection outcome shall be through the responsibility of the consultant.

Offer Letters to Candidates

Upon the selection decision, the client will inform the candidates of the selection through the consultant. After the candidate accepts the Clientís offer, the consultant to be informed of the total Annual Emoluments offered to the candidate, for billing purpose.

Payment of Professional Fee

Service Tax and other applicable taxes if any have to be paid by the clients, wherever such taxes are levied. The consultant will raise the invoice inclusive of Tax and Professional charges on completion of fortnight / 15 days of candidateís joining.

Payment Mode

The client is expected to settle the payment within a fortnight.


All position related information such as job description; compensation etc. from the company will have to be treated with total confidentiality by the Consultant.

Validity of Resumes

The Profiles sent by us will be active for three months. We will work on mutual trust. In case candidates put on hold, are appointed by the client later, an email to be sent to us by the client.

Validity of Terms

The above terms are valid till further notice and are subject to change from time to time. Any revision in terms will be communicated to the clients in writing.

Dispute Resolution

It is specifically agreed that is case if any dispute and / claim arising under this Agreement, every effort will be made to resolve the same through joint discussion with the concerned parties. If however, the parties do not come to a mutual understanding, the same shall be referred to the court having jurisdiction in Chennai only.

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